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About Some Friends

Book-Sculpture, the wood roots talk about stories of persons knew long time ago. This persons are told in a ironic way, the stories are availabe through the QR code.


scultura-libro-2 scultura-libro-3 scultura-libro-4 scultura-libro-5
    • Materials: roots, plywood, paper.
    • Description: The plywood surface is decorated by small sculpture made by roots that, during the work, took the appearance of faces, faces of people that I knew when I was a boy. Close to this faces or some particular of faces I add a Qr code that lead to a description, a small story, and ironic small story. These are the link to read about: Andrea Silini, Dolce Bioffi, Fabrizio Contu, Marco Rapuzzi, Elena Stanzoni, The Homesick Fly.