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Invisible Cities

Cabinet composed by small houses with a base made of natural branches. It is hand gilded with gold leaf. The ultimate versione has pulls made of red corall.

gilded furniture gold leaf

gilded wood cabinet design mobile dorato afoglia d'oro design Scultura dorata arte contemporanea contemporary art gilded gold leaf wood sculptures mobile legno art design

… “To distinguish the other cities’ qualities, I must speak of a first city that remains implicit. For me it is Venice”…I strongly loved “Invisibile Cities” by Italo Calvino. In this book an idea that  leads my work is expressed: there is an inner space in our souls, where jealously is preserved a spatial and aestethic ideal model, an invisibile city that is the yardstick to our taste about spaces,places or simply objects.

This is why some places seem to us so familiar and so beautiful, suddenly, groundless; maybe only because they fit with the idealized elements contained in that model, our inner invisibile city.

For this reason I used the gold leaf, to describe this thought, applied with traditional handcrafted skills in the gold-plating process. Inside the small houses raw fir, usually used to built practical things. Finally the work is supported by a natural branch picked up in the forest in front of my house, on Franciacorta hills, where the nature is silent, gentle, but industrious,

The main part of my work is dedicated to investigate not only human feelings and passions, but the places inside us where this sentiments are created. “