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Silenti Lamp

Silent lamps are completely made of wood. Every lamp is hand made by Umberto Dattola simply rolling and carving sheets of popolar wood. Every piece is unique, signed and numbered.

Lampada in legno naturale design

 lampada legno naturale design  lampada da terra design silente lamp Lampada Silente Silente Lampada design legno lampada da terra design
  • Measure: H 190 cm
  • light: spherical energy saving led lamp 40W/120W.
  • Materials: Sheets of poplar plywood, and solid lemon tree.
  • Finishing: natural oil.

Thanks to the inside lamp that light the wood grain, the carved wood that plays with lights and shadows, the Silent Lamp is able to create a warm and dreaming atmosphere.

Switched of the Silent lamp is also a sculpture during the day, the original shape and design make the lamp something with a great personality.

Every lamp is hand made and unique.