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DissolutionS at MDW14

art design wood

DissolutionS is a new collection of pieces of furniture of Art Design, that will be exhibited at the upcoming Milan Design Week. The location is in Via Cappellini, in San Gregorio Docet district, from 8 to 13 April 2014. Download here district map.

DissolutionS is a collection created by Umberto Dattola that investigates the existential breakdown, the horizons and perspectives that we are experiencing at this particular time in history and some still insist on calling a crisis. The collapse of a system of values and reading of reality that is dissolving extraordinarily fast, querying the solidity of the very basis on which it was founded.

contemporay art design

A collection of items of furniture from the past,  reconceived starting with their destruction: after being taken apart, sideboards become chairs, dressers support bookshelves, EVNI sculptures turn into idealistic launch-pads for changing points of view.

With this process Umberto Dattola reworks contemporary dissolutions, changing perspective to discover, eventually, that what drives the world are actually defeats, rending passions, and not – as conventionally thought – successful, convincing, beautiful, smiling, always firm to bite people. Namely those which boast material and worldly successes, yet no longer have the driving force to change as redeeming, cleansing and progenitorial dissolutions have.

From this observation arises the pride to show oneself for what one is, without bragging, without producing excessive “fluff”, still stubbornly working on a new project, a new adventure that will probably or inevitably lead to another regenerative DISSOLUTION.


wood sculpture by designer umberto dattola