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Dissolutions at MUDAC – CH

From Febraury the 26th at MUDAC Musée du Design ed des Arts Appliqués Contemporains in Lausanne Switzerland, will display Extraordinaire an exhibitions that is going to gather works of the most renewed art designer from all over the world.

Formafantasma, Maarten Baas, Vanessa Beecroft, Humberto e Fernando Campana, Pieke Bergmans, Studio Droogs, Sebastien Errazuriz etc… Have been invited to show their work.That’s why it’s a great honor for me to be invited to exhibit my Work Dissolutions 2014, an old chair transformed in something else, new, not necessary better than before, but different. It is part of a collection of items of furniture from the past,  reconceived starting with their destruction.

From the website of Mudac:

“The Gaudard house, in the Place de la Cathédrale, has been mudac’s home for exactly 20 years, serving its purpose admirably. As this era draws to a close, mudac wishes to pay tribute to the house in the museum’s last exhibition before its upcoming move.

For three months, the Gaudard house will proudly host Extraordinary!, a diverse selection of highly unusual and (almost) functional objects. Each room in the museum has been assigned a role associated with everyday life : library, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, game room, music room, bathroom and basement. The exhibition features objects collected by the curators over the years in a purposefully subjective presentation. These hidden gems and remarkable objects immerse the viewer in a dreamlike and deeply personal world that plays with the concept of function : the objects are too large or too small, jocose, bestial, vegetal, subtle, disturbing or even fabulous.

The objects are displayed theatrically in a cardboard décor. Among them drift the spirits that inhabit the house – visitors can catch a glimpse of these stealthy beings in the various rooms, read what they have to say in the exhibition programme and, in some corners of the museum, hear the sounds they make.

Extraordinary! is mudac’s last show before the museum moves to the PLATEFORME 10 arts district near the Lausanne train station. It is a fitting farewell to two decades of art and design in the Gaudard house”.