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Exhibition at Mauto Museum

Opere EVNI di Umberto Dattola in mostra la Mauto di Torino

In the prestigious context of Mauto Museum (Automobile Museum) in Turin, took place Hit-Parade exhibition, a group exhibition where 30 artist have been selected through more than 1000, to represent the best talented artists of the last two editions of Paratissima Contemporary Art Event (here for more about Paratissima).

The exhibition has been curated by Francesca Canfora and Cristina Marinelli. The sponsorship of the exhibition was by Regione Piemonte, Comune di Torino etc… Press paid a lot of interest to the exhibition (for example here).

Artist have been invited to display their works in dialogue with the permanent collection of the Museum. The result was stunning and the exhibition, previously planned from the 4th December to the 17 January 2016, was extended to March the 13th 2016.

For more information please see here at the Mauto’s official web site.