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The long day of service, living not the own life, is finally over. Iole sits in her chair in the dark, the curtains open on the sky, the ming that go over that night in which she has felt alive.

Iole: scultura EVNI

Scultura EVNI Giant furniture by Umberto Dattola arte contemporanea: scultura di Umberto Dattola

“An Unidentified Life-Giving Event  (EVNI is the acronym of Evento Vivificante Non Identificato) allows things to take life assuming other forms. Objects move in harmony with the passions of the owners of these objects. The event appears inexplicable. The investigation begin studying people, their experiences and the bonds between people and objects. The result is a passionate research on the sentiments of things.

From this concept born furnitures that can change shapes, growing to the sky, with long legs, becoming art sculptures. Every piece is accompanied with an intimate story that sheds light on the emotional relationship established with his owner. The result is a complex exhibition, where the craftsmanship is combined with stories”.