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Aerodito is designed by Francesco, a 9 years old child. That’s why this project is so simple and ingenuous, but at the same time light and deep. Aerodito is able to awake forgotten sensations just putting one finger inside and starting to play.

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Aerodito it’s an invented italian word that mix together the words plane and finger. It is made by poplar wood and finished by coloured enamel. At the touch it is very pleasant and the design is easy and nice.

Actually the deisgner of Aerodito is 9 years old, he came back at home after school, with an origami paper, cutted and folded in order to put a finger in the middle of the folded parts and start to fly with it. He only asked me “would you like to try it?”. I suddenly felt in love with it, and the day after we built it by wood on Francesco’s instuctions. Only the ingenuousness, the open mind of a child and the lack of prejudice could be able to conceive as an emotional project.

The first time that I flyied with an Aerodito I felt really strange. When I was a little baby I spent most of my time playing with model cars and small planes. When I put my finger on Aerodito I fall in the same feelings and I leave myself to feel easy and free.

  • Designer: Francesco Dattola
  • Measure: Dimensions 85L x 56P x 14H mm.
  • Materials: poplar plywood.
  • Colors: blue, red, yellow, green.
  • Finitura: non-toxic enamel.