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Untitled Folder – Stool

“Untitled folder” is a wood magazine rack stool. It’s inspired by the icons living on our computer or tablet descktop.

porta riviste sgabello 2

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  • Designer: Umberto Dattola e Roberta Colossi
  • Materials: enamled plywood, elastic belt and velcro.

Untitled folder is a stool and also a magazine rack. Are just the magazines or newspapers that offer the frame to substain the stool. It is really easy to use for its lightness, and the elastic belt is suitable to close the rewiews and allow a very easy takings of them.

Untitled folder is inspired to the icons of a computer. This time from the virtuality we bring somethinghs to the real life and not the contrary as usual, making an object useful, original that in a easy way allow to store magazines, newspapers and documents.