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I’m a Woodworker Cube

The cubes are seats belonging to the “I’m a Woodworker” series. They are hardwood stools, treated with easily disposable, non-toxic, natural oil. The hard top can be opened. Their body is made of lacquered or enameled birch plywood.

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Technical parameters and values:

  • Designer: Umberto Dattola
  • Size: 40L x 40W x 45H cm
  • Colors: lacquered white base, fir hardwood top
  • Finishes: Natural oil for hardwood, lacquering, water enameling on request.
  • Materials: Hardwood, poplar plywood. The wood is certified from sustainable European forests.

I’m a woodworker cube

Each piece of furniture of the “I’m a Woodworker” series is unique.
During the manufacturing process, the woodworker uses a pencil to marks what will serve as reminders in the subsequent phases, according to his personal method and style. Each mark has a particular meaning and translates the language of manual dexterity. All the traces left during the working process, such as small blade marks, glue or resin, are preserved, in order to witness the skill employed by the manufacturer, the uniqueness of the object, and the liveliness, personality and history of all our products.
The furniture also includes some standard components, which, unlike the custom parts, are well-finished and usually lacquered. The combination between the two types of structures makes the I’m a woodworker furniture smooth and elegant. 
Each piece is unique because the planks used to make it and the tree from which they were cut were unique. The care used in the processing of each piece and the working context are also unique, and so are the woodworker’s mood and the traces left.
The I’m a woodworker cube is hardwood stool with a lacquered or enameled birch plywood body. The top can be opened to allow storage. The cube is supported by a small, 1 cm wide base.

Product history

Woodworkers are often visited by several different people: customers, suppliers, people needing a favor, friends passing by, etc.

A lot of them are curious about what we do and why we use certain methods, or techniques. Perhaps encouraged by our enthusiasm, they often ask detailed questions about what they see in the workshop.

They are fascinated by our answers and they often show more interest in the furniture being manufactured, rather than in the finished items. That is why we became so proud of our manual skills and decided to emphasize the manufacturing process, in order to share all the strength and humanity involved in it with our customers.

We wanted to give our clients the opportunity to bring a piece of furniture full of evocative and expressive energy into their living environment. The first samples of the series (which was called Handicraft pride at that time) convinced us that our effort was worthwhile.