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Kepler Lamp

Kepler lamp is able to create a really unique atmosphere. The design is original and every single pieces is different because hand made. The lamp can be composed and pointed in different way as the needs requires.

tavolo G.lab legno naturale design

lampada da scrivania Kepler lampada da tavolo wood table lamp lampada in legno design


  • Designer: Umberto Dattola
  • Size: five pieces, to compose. The biggest is 22 cm wide, the smallest 7 cm.
  • Colors: white
  • Finishes: laquered.
  • Materials: Mdf.


The atmosphere created by the Kepler lamp is deep and enigmatic. The wood lamp is hand made and every single pieces is different, because shaped one by one. This made every single lamp an unique pieces.

Switched off this piece of design is also able to personalize the environmente around.

Three elements on five contain a lamp, and every piece is adjustable thanks to the shaped facet that compose the design of the lamp.

Kepler lamp is a table lamp, but it can be positioned in different place as weel as on the ground in order to create a special corner.