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Oneiric Lamp

A natural wood and satin glass lamp. The emanated light is warm and relaxing. The design is clean and simple. The Oneiric lamp’s name come from a dream made by the designer.


natural wood design lamp

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  • Designer: Umberto Dattola
  • Measures: 30L x 15D x 10H cm.
  • lighting power: 48 watt halogen bulb.
  • Colors: Oak wood, white satin glass and white botton.
  • Finishes: natural oil and wax.


There are two reasons because Oneiric is the name of this lamp. The first concern the atmosphere that is able to create thanks to its lighting sistem filtered by the white satin glass. The second is about the fact that the design of the lamp is obtained through a dream made by me.

In this lamp the geometric shape of the sphere and the parallelepiped, talk between them through the vintage bottom, making a design at the same time simple, clean, but however evocative.

The wood is treated with natural oil and wax, living it natural at the test, safe for the healt and eco-compatible for the environment.