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Matite colorate

Hangher simply composed by natural wood and colored pencils.

appendiabiti bambini 5

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  • Designer: Umberto Dattola
  • Size: L 72 cm with 6 hook pencils, different size on request.
  • Materials: natural wood and coloured pencils.


Matite  colorate is a bright and funny hanger, not only suitable for children bedrooms. It would enrich the atmosphere of whatever rooms giving a taste of lightness, creativity and optimism. The pencils can be taked by the wood structure, using them as usual: giving colors to the world.

Some years ago I have been to a reputed architectural firm in order to discuss the last details of a new project. I was welcomed with a plate containing coloured pencils, put inside like spaghetti. The suggestion was to use the pencils to draw sketch and write notes in a most coloured way. I was amazed, this simply but smart idea excited me and suddenly created a relaxed atmosphere. The creative child side of my personality was came out and the discussion of the project started suddenly positive.

So this is the aim of Matite colorate! Give people colours and optimism!