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umberto dattola italian artistI love to shape things since I was a little child. The materials found in my house were the base to trying to give other identity and new aesthetic to objects. The only purpose was the beauty that gave me a peaceful state of heart and mind.

My artistic path is a bit tortuous. I took a degree in economy in 1998 and immediately after I went to the art furniture school of Bovolone (VR).

In the early 2000s I worked in different carpentry workshops in Veneto and Lombardy, trying to learn the techniques of woodworking; then I founded Sensitive to Wood. Since 2009, I design and  I make, mainly for Clab4design, but also for other companies, furniture and furnishings, between art and design, widely reported by press and blogs.

My creations are exhibited in Milan, London, Amsterdam, New York, Miami, Saint Tropez, Eindhoven, Rome.











Selected Exhibitions

- Esh Gallery di Milano, curate by Riccardo Soriani

- Lise Braun Collection – Saint Tropez, curate by Valentina Guidi Ottobri

- Group Exhibition at MUDAC Lousanne, curated by Amélie Bannwart.

- Group Exhibition at Dilmos Gallery Milan, curated by Lella Valtorta.

- Exhibition at Collect at Saatchi Gallery London, with Esh Gallery.

– Exhibition at Galerie Scene Ouverte Paris, curated by Laurence Bonnel

- Invisible Cities at PGartGallery Istambul, curated by Piril Arikonmaz.

- Installation at Cattina Spazio Contemporaneo Milan. Link here.

- EVNI sculture at Sanayi 313 Show Room Istambul, curated by Enis Karavil. Link here.

- Invisible Cities at Mint Gallery London, exhibition curated by Lina Kanafani. link here.

- Exhibition at Officine Tesla, Milan. Link here.

- Design Pride as designer of Seletti’s team, Milan. Link here.

- Finalist at “International Award of Contemporary Art Segreen Art Workplace” in Milan, curated by Movimento Resilienza Italiana.

- Leaving Room, group exhibition in Torino, curated by Anna Bellato and Federica Brigo.

- Awarded as the best fifteen artists at 2015 Parattissima Torino art fair.

- Group Exhibition at Museo dell’Automobile di Torino (Mauto), exhibition curated by Francesca Canfora and Cristina Marinelli.

- Group exhibition in Amsterdam, Buitenplaats Beeckestijn, curated by Nathalie Faber

- Group exhibition at galleria Castello, Suggestioni”, in Milan, curated by Elisa Ajelli.

- Group exhibition, in collaboration with the spanish designer Raul Laurì, at Design Speacking temporay store di Milano, exhibition curated by Guendalina Perelli and Manuel Barbieri.

- Group exhibition in  New York and Miami to Anthropology.

- Personal exhibition (DissolutionS) at Galleria Leclettico in Milan.

- Personal exhibition in collaboration with the croatian artist Natasa Korosec, at Studio Marcello Gobbi in Brescia.

- Group exhibition at Mint Gallery in London, Element of Craft, curated by Lina Kanafani.

- Personal exhibition at ArtDesign Feldkirch (Austria), curated by Bernkopf Johanna.

- Sgabellox, stool developped and built by me, are on show at Maxxi Museum, Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI secolo, Rome.

- Personal exhibition at Galleria Marchina in Brescia, curated by Omar Chiarini.

- Personal exhibition at Brescia Casa Design, curated by Dentrocasa magazine.

- First pize  Swart for the exhibition Bla Bla curated by Alessandro Mendini and Duilio Forte, with my work MACNI (MAcchina Calciante Non Identificata), at Fabbrica del Vapore Milan.

- Group exhibition at Mint Gallery in London, curated by Lina Kanafani.

- Group exhibition at Klokgebouw in Eindhoven, curated by Margriet Vollenberg for Organisation in Design.

- Finalist at TiAn Qi Art Prize Milan.

-  Rubik Cube at Art Verona, with Galleria Colossi Arte.

-  Group exhibition at Bowery house in New York, exhibition curated by Galleria I monaci sotto le Stelle and Alex Zampedri.

- Group exhibition at IACC Midwest di Chicago for the Italian Expo Design.

- Personal exhibition and installation based on EVNI works, at Ydra Theatre, Brescia.

- issue for my book “EVNI – i sentimenti delle cose”. Free download of the digital version (only in italian)  here.

- Group exhibition at Macef Milano for the exhibition Natural Green, curated by Valeria Randazzo.

- Presentation of furniture designed by me for Clab4design at Abitare il Tempo, Verona.

- Group Exhibition in Milan, exhibition called SOS Design, curated by Biba Acquati.

- Personal exhibition at Chiosto San Antonio (Ome – BS), of Silent movement sculptures.

Photo credits  Fabrizio Contu.