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What do I really do?

italian artist umberto dattolaIt’s always hard for me to provide with an exhaustive definition of the expressive category I identify myself with.

Some people call me a designer because I design furniture and furnishing accessories and my creations are hosted inside the most canonically design-oriented environments. However, I have no specific education in this regards, other than the one deriving from the daily practice of thinking, designing and building objects.

Some other people, when asked to define me, take my manual skills into account, they recognize, in the manufactured goods I create with my own two hands in my workshop, a sense of craftsmanship that is almost reminiscent of the Renaissance.  But I feel I’ve outgrown that orientation too, since I perceive a boundary to my expressive needs, my imagination luggage, my sometime excessive and maniacal sensibility, my ability to express myself in multiple directions, looking outside the tiny box imposed by the definition of craftsmanship.

Perhaps the definition they most often use is “artist”. The expressive urge,  the need for making, for living a few moments of suspension when everything comes to a stop and you finally feel alive, full of the meaning of things, that pushes me towards the search for beauty, an emotion, a meaning for my actions. And yes! I recognize myself in this artistic way of doing things and I must confess I like this category, it allows for endless space and possibilities. Nonetheless, this category is absolutely not exhaustive for the purpose of describing my work.

Well, so What do I really do? … I’m trying to personally synthesize these three categories of making and being.  I like to believe that my works are art and design as well; they can sometimes be more partial to either way, but they are basically always influenced by my journey as a human being and by the manual skills I’ve acquired.